At Wide Therapy,
We Make It Possible
For Your Child To
Overcome Challenges

Wide is an easy, safe platform for children with special needs to achieve substantial, everyday change. 


How Can We Help?

We motivate your child to overcome challenges including:


Resistance, avoidance and lack of initiative are common potty training challenges. Transform potty training into an easier, understandable action for your child while keeping motivation high.


Starting kindergarten, seeing family and friends or visiting the doctor are all types of transitions. By making them familiar and safe, your child will be able to ease into new experiences and learning opportunities.


Giving and accepting play items is the foundation of sharing. Help your child to keep and make new friends, play cooperatively, and give joy to themselves and others.



Switching between games and activities keeps your child flexible and willing to explore. Set down the foundations for your child to learn through play.

Our unique Approach

Wide nurtures flexibility and motivation in your child’s way of thinking in order to overcome challenges. Using the Wide platform, parents and clinicians participate in creating a safe and calm digital environment for children to practice change and acquire new behaviors.

Getting Started is Easy

Change is now achievable:



Observe in real time, in real life, as your child overcomes challenges.



Track your child’s progress towards achieving goals.



Let your child practice through a personalized digital setting using familiar surroundings – created by you. 



Incorporate images from your child’s surroundings to create a familiar environment on the screen. 



With your clinician, set goals for your child via the wide digital platform.

For Us This is Personal

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In the case of children with special needs, it may take two. 

The founders of Wide are parents and clinicians teaming together to create the village that will support children to overcome challenges because we know that every challenge overcome can be life changing. 

D practiced with Wide for 15 minutes a day, and One day after beginning of use a change occurred. D entered the kindergarten with the kindergarten assistant and no resistance. Everyday showed improvement until today D enters the kindergarten independently.

Shir, Ben’s SLP

In our kindergarten we saw the positive effect the Wide platform made. Children in our kindergarten were potty trained quickly and efficiently. Thank you for Wide.

Tal, A Behaviour Clinical Manager

תמיכה בילדים המיוחדים של ישראל

למצב הבטחוני ולאירועים הפוקדים את מדינת ישראל מאז ה 7 באוקטובר, השפעה קשה על הילדים בישראל

ילדים רבים מתמודדים עם קשיים ואתגרים עצומים ואנחנו מחויבים לספק להם את הסיוע וההזדמנות לה הם ראויים

חברת וואייד תראפי מזמינה אתכם ההורים והמטפלים ליצור עמנו קשר ולקבל גישה לפלטפורמת וואייד תראפי ללא עלות ולהתחיל לעזור לילדים כבר היום

יחד, אנחנו יכולים לשנות את המצב ולאפשר להם להתמודד טוב יותר עם היומיום

הצטרפו אלינו, צרו איתנו קשר באמצעות הקישור

Supporting Vulnerable Children in Israel

Since October 7th, Israel has been experiencing a difficult security situation and events that have severely affected children.

Our children face enormous challenges and difficulties, and we are committed to providing them with the assistance they need.

To begin helping children, parents and caregivers can contact us for a free trial of Wide Therapy.

By working together, we can change the situation and make it easier for them to cope with the many transitions they are facing these days.

We invite you to join us by using the following link.