Beyond Diapers

990.00 $

Beyond Diapers is a digital platform designed to assist children with special needs in achieving personalized toilet training. The system allows the creation of a customized simulation based on the child’s personal information and real images of their surroundings, facilitating experimentation with various processes and the integration of new behaviors into their daily lives.



“Beyond Diapers” is an innovative digital platform aimed at enabling children with special needs to successfully transition from diapers in an efficient and personalized manner. The system enables the creation of a tailored simulation based on the child’s individual data and real images of their environment.
Accessible to children aged two and above, the platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing them to try different processes, learn, and practice in an environment adapted to their needs.
By utilizing “Beyond Diapers,” children can effectively integrate new behaviors into their daily lives, ultimately achieving independence from diapers after various unsuccessful attempts in the past. This process empowers children with new tools to enhance their daily functioning, directly influencing their quality of life and that of their families.


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